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Hi, I'm Hannah! I'm first and foremost a print designer. I love great typographical hierarchy and a beautiful grid. In my free time, I write creatively and spend time with the ones I love. I'm always looking to learn and grow from the opportunities I am given, and I am grateful to the people that share with me their passions and insights.


In design, I am most passionate about typography and conceptual experimentation.

Writing poetry has become a wonderful tool and outlet for me. I believe words in many ways function like design elements. Each has a mood, a purpose, a beauty. Each can move us.

My favorite form of image-making has become collage. I love bringing a collection of found pieces into a new life and marrying unlikely imagery together.


I'm a 4 according to the enneagram personality test, which means I am known as “The Individualist.” I don't know how much I believe in personality tests; some science suggests that the idea we have about determined personalities is entirely false. But as far as the lens I view myself and the world from, I found that a 4 is pretty accurate to me most of the time.

Link to enneagram personality descriptions


I have a strong sense of conceptual thinking when it comes to design; I rely on drawing a personality map for a brand or project and letting those ideas guide my design decisions. I think my best skillset is in typography and layout design.


As many creatives, I struggle with self-confidence in my design and am constantly asking myself if I am doing enough. With time and experience, I hope to continue to gain confidence in my design and myself.